We are different.


Working with an Estate Planning Attorney often looks something like this... 

You meet with the attorney once or twice, fill out some paperwork and answer some basic questions about your assets. Documents are prepared and you are provided a neat, little binder. You do not understand what you just created and the little binder sits on a shelf. The trust never gets "funded" rendering it ineffective. The plan itself is the standard plan provided to ALL clients without taking into account any personal detail. Should you have any questions, you are billed for the phone call. Years go by and nothing is done to maintain the plan.  

At our firm, we handle your planning needs quite differently. 

First, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, professional customer service. Your phone calls are regularly returned and your questions answered and explained in a way that gives you a level of sincere comfort. Our fees are fixed from the very beginning and you will not be charged anything more, including phone calls and questions you may have. We meet with you as long as it takes to provide you the assurance you need to make these rewarding decisions.  

​Our comprehensive estate planning packages are carefully tailored to your individual family, taking into account not only financial goals and considerations, but more importantly, providing a guided custom plan that is only constructed after you have carefully made these decisions. Our plans are designed to fulfill lifetime spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical preferences for you and your family. 

We recognize that financial planning is only one small portion of your Estate and the rewarding planning is found in the intangibles.

In addition to this unique approach, you will find that our estate packages are quite more thorough and expansive than average. Simply put, you receive more planning and documentation than you would at most Estate Planning firms.  These plans are prepared for your family with an individualized approach, always clearly explaining what documents are being prepared and the purpose for each.

We look forward to meeting you!